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Monthly Access via Patreon

Patreon is a platform for all sorts of creators and artists to combine ways of sharing their work with their audience, with facilitating that audience to become ‘patrons’ by paying regular monthly amounts.


For the creator this means less time needed to administrate separate registrations for any courses and events they offer, a greater sense of consistent participation and revenue and therefore more space for the actual creative work.


For the patrons, Patreon’s interface, which works well both on computer and phone, allows a more in-depth relationship to grow between the creator’s work-in-progress and the audience’s engagement, and for one regular monthly payment to access a suite of ways to engage with the creator.


My Patreon page offers three levels of patronage, and please also note that you are able to change your level or cancel it altogether easily at any time.

(click here to go to my Patreon page)

The first level is called ‘Coffee Club’ and entails a monthly payment of $30 which will give you continued access to three activities.
These are:
1) a monthly Q&A group Zoom discussion with me in which we will process the contents of the Holy Nights Contemplations and more,
2) monthly pre-release access to writing and artistic productions I am currently working into books, including my mystical poetic and fictional spiritual novels, and
3) access to a fortnightly group Zoom study with me on the Gospel of John and other Sacred Scriptures which we will work together into contemporary interpretation.

I have placed all of the above Zoom meetings mentioned on Wednesdays; the monthly Q&A will be the first Wednesday each month at 8pm, starting from March 1st 2023, the fortnightly Gospel of John study will be on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7pm, also starting from March 1st. The Zoom link will be provided via the Patreon registration.

There will also be a cache of recordings from these sessions which you will be able to access to keep up with any that you miss.

The second level is called ‘Sacred Grove’ and entails a monthly payment of $60. This level gives you all of the ‘Coffee Club’ elements mentioned above plus access to new spiritual courses I am writing, starting with a self-guided course on ‘The Spirituality of Forgiveness’, which is ready now. This will be followed by further ongoing courses I have in development such as ‘Developing the Etheric Heart’, and ‘The Process of the Cosmic Ritual of Human Blessing’. All of these courses will offer insights as well as guided instructions on how to implement them.

The third level is called ‘Inner Temple’
and entails a monthly payment of $100. This level includes access to all elements mentioned above in the ‘Coffee Club’ and ‘Sacred Grove’ levels, plus also a monthly one-on-one spiritual guidance session with myself, and a 50% discount on the existing home study course on my website

Here is the link to my Patreon page should you wish to read more and sign up to the level of your choice.

If you need any help in doing so, please email me and I will contact you to help the process.

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